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The Selection Process

The application and selection process for the UWC Scholarships is organised every year by the UWC Romanian National Committee, according to: 

  • the UWC General Selection Criteria 
  • the Eligibility Criteria for Romania 
  • any other requirements set by the UWC College offering a full/ partial scholarship to Romanian students
  • the Application Form submitted by the Romanian applicants 
All applications for the UWC Scholarships will go through the following selection process: 

1. Application via an online or written form sent by post - the Application Form has a standard format and is provided by the UWC Romanian National Committee.

2. Pre-selection of the applications according to the eligibility criteria, organised by the UWC Romanian National Committee (UWC RO NC): 

  • UWC RO NC receives applications;
  • UWC RO NC notifies, via email, all the applicants that their application has been received and will enter the pre-selection process; 
  • Any application sent after the deadline, or that does not meet the mandatory eligibility criteria, or is incomplete  will be disqualified, with no further review; 
  • A Jury appointed by UWC Romania National Committee reviews all eligible applications. The Jury includes at least 5 members; 
  • The Jury reviews applications and selects the candidates who will participate in the second selection phase - the interviews; 
  • All candidates - including those who have not been selected for the interviews -  shall be notified via email about the results of the national pre-selection process.
  • The Jury decision is final and cannot be contested by the applicants. 

3. The interviews 

  • Successful candidates will be invited for an interview with the members of the Jury, in Bucharest.
  • Exceptionally, if the candidate currently lives/ studies in another country and cannot make the trip to Bucharest, the interview will take place via Skype or other online video platform. 
  • The interviews are one-to-one and they usually last between 15-20 minutes. The discussion takes place in both Romanian and English. 
  • After the individual interviews, usually after a one- hour lunch break, a group exercise shall follow - the Jury decides if all or only selected candidates are invited to participate to the group interview

4. Nominations for the scholarships 

  • Within no more than 5 days from the interviews and based on the Jury decision, the UWC Romania National Committee nominates the successful candidates for the scholarships.
  • Nominations are final and cannot be contested by non-successful applicants. 
  • Each nominated student and his parents/ legal guardians will be asked to formally accept the nomination, including all financial costs that incur - the UWC Romanian National Committee will make sure that nominated candidates and their families clearly understand all the costs related to accepting a UWC scholarship (tuition fees, accommodation, travel, pocket money, etc.).
  • After the candidates' formal acceptance of the nomination, the UWC Romanian National Committee will send the nomination forms to each individual UWC College offering a UWC scholarship to Romanian students. 

4. Final acceptance 

  • The final decision regarding granting a scholarships lies with the UWC College offering a scholarship, based on the nomination form placed by the UWC Romanian National Committee.
  • During this stage of the evaluation, the UWC College may contact the nominated candidate and his family for further information/ clarifications, documents. 
  • The UWC College will formally communicate to the nominated candidate if they have been offered a full/ partial scholarship. 

The Romanian UWC Romanian National Committee always assists nominated candidates and their families during the final acceptance stage of the selection process.