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The National Selection Process

The national selection process for UWC is organised every year by the UWC Romanian National Committee, according to: 

  • the UWC general selection criteria 
  • the eligibility criteria for Romanian students 
  • any other requirements set by the UWC Colleges offering a place to Romanian students
  • the Application Form submitted by candidates
The selection process includes: 

1. Filling in and submitting an  Application Form - it has a standard format and it is provided by the UWC Romanian National Committee.

Students are not required to provide any financial information at this time. 

2. Pre-selection of the applications 

  • After the deadline, all the applicants are notified  that their application has been received and will enter the pre-selection process
  • Any application that does not meet the eligibility criteria, or is incomplete, or does not include the mandatory attachments/ recommendations, will be disqualified, with no further review and the respective applicants will be notified 
  • A Jury reviews all eligible applications and selects the candidates invited to the interviews
  • All candidates shall be notified via email about the results of the pre-selection process
  • The Jury's decision is final and cannot be contested by the applicants

3. The interviews 

  • Successful candidates will be invited for an online interview. 
  • The interviews are one-to-one and they usually last between 15-20 minutes. The discussion takes place in English.
  • Students are not required to provide any financial information at this time.

4. Nominations 

  • Within no more than 5 days from the interviews and based on the Jury decision, the UWC Romania National Committee nominates the successful candidates
  • Nominations are final and cannot be contested by non-successful applicants
  • Each nominated student and his parents/ legal guardians will be asked to formally accept the nomination, including all financial costs that incur. It is only at this stage that the family is asked to disclose financial information and whether it can/ cannot cover costs, according to the offer.
  • After the candidate's formal acceptance of the nomination, the UWC Romanian National Committee, together with the nominated student's family/ legal guardians, will prepare a nomination form to be sent to the UWC colleges. This form is more complex than the application form and it also includes financial information. Each UWC College has an individual nomination form.
  • Obtaining a nomination from the UWC Romanian National Committee does not guarantee a place with UWC, nor does it guarantee the type of final financial arrangements between the college and the student. 

4. Final acceptance to UWC 

  • The final decision regarding offering a place to a nominated candidate lies with the individual UWC College, based on the nomination form 
  • At this stage, the UWC College will conduct a full financial assessment and may ask for the family to provide additional information.
  • For all needs-based offers (either up-to full scholarships or partially-funded scholarships), it is at the UWC College discretion to evaluate the total cost that will be covered by the family and make a final offer to the nominated candidate

The Romanian UWC Romanian National Committee always assists nominated candidates and their families during the final acceptance stage of the selection process.