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The Selection Process


The selections are organised yearly by the Romanian UWC National Committee. The selection criteria, the process and the final candidates' assessments are performed according to the UWC International Organisation (UWC IO) guidelines. 

Please see below the steps of the selection process: 

1. National pre-selection

  • The Romanian UWC NC receives and reviews all applications that are send within the deadline, meet the mandatory criteria and are complete 
  • Applicants will be notified via email that their application has been received and shall be reviewed by the NC
  • Please note that: applications that do not meet the mandatory criteria, are incomplete, are received after the deadline - will be disqualified, with no further review 
  • The NC reviews applications and selects the candidates who will participate in the second selection phase - the interviews 
  • All candidates - the ones selected for the interviews and the rejected ones - shall be notified via email about the results of the national pre-selection process

2. The interviews 

  • Successful candidates will be invited for an interview with the members of the NC, in Bucharest
  • The interviews are one-to-one and they usually last between 15-20 minutes. The discussion takes place in Romanian and English 
  • After the individual interviews, a group exercise shall follow - the NC decides if all or just some candidates are invited to participate to the group interview

3. Nominations for the scholarships 

  • Within 5 days from the interviews, the NC shall nominate the winners of the scholarships
  • Each nominated student shall be asked to accept the nomination, including all financial costs that incur - the NC will make sure that nominated candidates and their families clearly understand all the costs related to accepting a UWC scholarship (tuition fees, accommodation, travel, pocket money, etc.)
  • After the candidates' formal acceptance, the NC shall send the nomination forms to each individual UWC College offering a UWC scholarship to Romanian students 

4. Final acceptance 

  • The final decision regarding granting a scholarships lies with the UWC College offering a scholarship, based on the nomination form placed by the Romanian UWC NC 
  • The College may contact the nominated candidate for further information/ clarifications 
  • The College shall formally communicate to the nominated candidate if they have been offered a full/ partial scholarship 

The Romanian UWC NC always assists nominated candidates and their families during the final acceptance stage of the selections.