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Needs Based Scholarships Explained

Studying at UWC implies a long-term investment in education for students and their families and this is generally applicable to all forms of education that are not state-owned. Therefore, unless otherwise stated, all UWC scholarships are needs-based. What does this mean? 

In order to make the UWC opportunity possible for a large pool of exceptional students, most families need to stretch financially so UWC colleges can reserve their limited financial aid for the absolute neediest families. Therefore, needs-based scholarships mean the families of the nominated students will be required by the college to provide transparent financial records and documents and needs assessment data. Based on these, colleges conduct a comprehensive financial assessment and decide the level of funding for each nominated candidate.

"Up-to" means the college is prepared to cover either fully or a certain percentage of the costs ONLY if the family financially qualifies.

For example: a college offers an Up-to 70% Partially Funded Needs-Based Scholarship. After the financial assessment, the college may assess that the family can cover more than 30% of the costs and therefore the final offer they decide to make to the family is an Up-to 55% Partially Funded Needs-Based Scholarship. 

Please note that the financial assessment only takes place after the student has been nominated by their National Committee and is conducted exclusively by UWC colleges and not the National Committee.

The UWC Romania National Committee does not require financial information at any time during the selection process.