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How to Apply to UWC

The UWC movement seeks outstanding students who want to become change-makers for a better world, regardless of their socio-economic, religious, national, ethnic or cultural background. If you are a passionate learner, excited at the prospect of studying and living with young people from around the world, a UWC education is for you. If the UWC mission for a more peaceful and sustainable future inspires you, please apply!

Join our international school community

Romanian students can apply to UWC via: 

  • The UWC Romanian National Committee, for the UWC scholarships (full/ partial) granted to Romania within a specific year. In this case, please refer to the informations provided here and here and here.
  •  The UWC Global Selection Programme (GSP), designed for those:
  1. Who wish to apply 10-15 months before the beginning of the school year, and
  2. Who can pay the full fee for the UWC school or college to which they are successful in applying
  3. Looking to attend a specific school or college.

Please carefully read the general information about How to Apply to UWC for an IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme) here. 

Please carefully read the information about the UWC Global Selection Programme (GSP) here. 

If you have any questions, you may contact us at:

Useful Guides

These downloadable guides offer guidance, insight and advice for students, and parents of students, who want to advance their education and increase their impact on the world.