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Eligibility Criteria for Romania

Any student, regardless of their gender, socio-economic, religious, ethnic, financial or cultural background may apply to UWC if they meet the following mandatory criteria.

Please note that the eligibility criteria are subject to change and you must consult the update versions when applying. 

  • Currently a X or an XI grade student*
  • Have Romanian citizenship**
  • Are 16-18 years old by 31 August of the year they are applying to UWC
  • Have an average annual grade of minimum 8.00***

*Or the equivalent of the Romanian system's  X/ XI grades if they attend a private educational institution 

**The Romanian citizenship is mandatory. However, your country of residence might be other than Romania. You may also have a double nationality, in which case: (1) one of the nationalities is Romanian; (2) you have a valid Romanian passport. 

***We encourage students attending a private educational institution with a different grading system to enquire with the UWC Romania National Committee before submitting their application.