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Bianca Bunoiu

24 July 2018

UWC Red Cross Nordic 2013-2015

In UWC you’ll find the most extraordinary group of 16 year olds. Coming from all around the world, we were all old enough to understand where we come from and young enough to change our minds. There were no traditions, rules or expectations. It was a world of absolute freedom where you could grow in whatever direction you wanted. The community is what made all of it possible. Everybody was brilliant, sensitive and brave. Everybody believed in something strongly enough to stay up in the middle of the night argue about it. Everybody knew unexpected sentences in even more unexpected languages. And everybody was kind. Before everything else, in UWC, I never felt alone. I was surrounded by all these people my age who wanted to understand and change the world with the same intensity I did. They gave me courage and they made me want to become better in ways I could have not conceived on my on. And they were always there. At end of the day we were all in it together. We shared the mess, the joy, the angst and the beauty with the same insatiable desire for life. UWC is not a perfect or easy experience, but it is for sure a pure glimmer of hope.