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About Us

UWC depends on the dedication and expertise of a network of +3,000 volunteers to find and select students in more than 155 countries worldwide. The volunteer-run National Committee system is possibly unique in the world. 

The UWC National Committees operate in vastly different contexts and circumstances and are uniquely situated to seek out the most promising and diverse students in each country, making them one of the standout features of the UWC movement. Students enter all of the UWC colleges through their National Committees, who select students based on their suitability, potential and merit, publicise UWC, raise scholarship funds, support the students before, during and after their time at a college and organise network events for UWC alumni. 

All National Committees are overseen by the UWC International Organisation, and its secretariat based at the International Office in London. 

Our Mission

  • Organising the yearly national selections and selecting Romanian candidates for UWC Colleges
  • Promoting UWC offers and scholarships and raising the profile of the UWC movement in Romania
  • Supporting the current UWC Romanian students and their families during their time at UWC 
  • Serve as a hub for Romanian UWC alumni

About Us 

The UWC Romania National Committee was founded in 1997 by Ciprian Antonescu, UWC Adriatic alumni and Chair of The Board (1997 - 2018) and Radu Suciu, from the Italian Cultural Institute of Bucharest.  For the past 20 years, it has selected 100 Romanian students to 15 different UWC colleges & 7 UWC Short Courses. 

The UWC Romania National Committee functions according to the rules, regulations and values of the UWC International Organisation. The Committee's activities are led by a Board, based on a Founding Act and Code of Conduct. Each member signs an agreement that includes a confidentiality & conflict of interest clauses, as well as Safeguarding Policies for working with young people under 18 years.  

The Committee submits to UWC International Organisation an Annual Report and proof of compliance to UWC policies and regulations. 

UWC Romania National Committee currently includes 8 members: 
  • 5 Romanian UWC graduates (from UWC Adriatic, UWC Hong Kong, UWC Red Cross Nordic)
  • 3 members from outside the UWC network 

All members are volunteers and are not paid for their work for the Committee. 

What we, members of the UWC Romania National Committee have in common: 
  • we have a global perspective
  • we encourage diversity in all it's forms 
  • we believe in responsibility and integrity 
  • we respect people & ideas 
  • we believe in compassion and doing good
  • we respect and protect the environment  
  • we all have a relatively high dose of idealism 
  • we welcome challenges 
  • we lead by example

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