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2019 Selections Calendar

Please note that the selection process for the UWC 2019/2021 scholarships has ended. The selection calendar for the 2020/2022 UWC scholarships is subject to change versus the timeline below. 
The 2019 selection for the UWC scholarships will be carried out by a Jury (please see the Jury members further down) and according to the  timeline below. 
Please note that both the Jury's nominations and the UWC colleges' offers are final and cannot be contested. The selection process is transparent and we invite you to review the criteria here

You may review the general selection process here. 


31 January, 00:00 hrs.: Deadline for submitting the applications 

1 - 4 February: Eligible candidates receive an individual email confirmation that their application has been received and they will subsequently enter the first stage of the national selection process: applications' evaluation. At this stage, eligible candidates means: applications submitted within the deadline, applications that meet the mandatory eligibility criteria, complete applications. Please note that applications not meeting the above minimum criteria will be disqualified. 

1 - 23 February: Members of the Jury  evaluate the applications. 

24 February: Selection of successful candidates for the second stage of the national selection process: interviews. Both successful candidates and candidates not selected for the interview will be announced individually, via email. 

2 March: Interviews. The candidates will receive an email with details regarding the location and the hours. 

9 March: Nomination of successful candidates for the 2019 UWC scholarships. Please note that before sending the nominations to the respective UWC Colleges, each candidate and their family will formally accept the nominations, including the financial costs incumbent to each scholarship. 

For each nominated candidate, UWC Romania National Committee will prepare a standard nomination form provided by the UWC International Office that will include the original application, financial details & statements, the Jury evaluation and any other information that might be required by the college offering the scholarship. 

March - May: Each UWC College will evaluate the nominations. During this time, the college representatives may directly contact the candidates to clarify aspects of their application, ask for further information, check on financial aspects. 

Starting 15 May: Nominated candidates will receive the formal acceptance from each college. After accepting the scholarship, each new student will start preparing for attending UWC under the guidance of the college and with the support of the UWC Romania National Committee. 

June: UWV Romania National Committee will host the Induction Day - a meeting that all new students and their families must attend, in order to best prepare for the exciting experiences ahead. 

Jury Members for the 2019 selection process 

Irina Anghel-Enescu - President of the Jury, Eisenhower Fellow, Mason Fellow at Harvard, and Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum 

Tinu Bosînceanu - Harvard University Alumnus, Founder Upgrade Academy 

Ilinca Apetrei -  UWC Adriatic Alumna, Chair UWC Romania National Committee

Andrei Picioruș - UWC Adriatic Alumnus, Entrepreneur 

Mihaela Bonatiu - Psychologist, President and founding member of the Romanian Association of Person-Centred Psychotherapy

Cristina Postolache - Partner, STANTON CHASE