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Alexandru Ene

26 July 2018

UWC Pearson Canada 2016-2018

How do you feel now, after graduating UWC?

UWC experience teaches you how to manage most problems in your life, whether they are international cultural issues, friend-related issues or personal ones. By being exposed to various cultures and people, UWC students learn how to react in a given situation and adapt. UWC gives us the opportunity to live more experiences than our national education systems.

Tell us about the transition from the Romanian education system to the IB program.

The transition was extremely swift for me. Seriousness and determination are two words that come to mind now, and also the fact that UWC students are motivated by both academic performance and personal development. Each one of us allows for the necessary space to travel at their own speed. The IB program includes several subjects and uses a teaching and learning model based on perseverance and individual study.  

How did UWC change you?

UWC mostly changed the way I see things. I now have a broader perspective on the world and things around me, objectivity has gained more ground than the all so familiar comfortable subjectivity.

Why should a Romanian high school student apply for a UWC scholarship?

Any 10th grade Romanian high-school student who wants a profound change, understands its consequences and is ready to accept them should apply for a UWC scholarship. It is a unique experience that opens your eyes and makes you grow up faster. Furthermore, as long as you live in a UWC campus, you are the only one responsible for you. Go to UWC and you will better understand other cultures and get rid of most stereotypes. It is a wonderful adventure!

For you, UWC means …

Friends for life, an experience that opens your mind and heart and profoundly changes you.