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Ioana Ștefan

23 July 2018

UWC Adriatic 2018-2020

For me, this whole story started in a completely unexpected way. I knew for a really long time that my desire is to study abroad, I had a really established plan in my mind: I would finish my studies at the high school I started in Romania and then continue a faculty away from home, where the opportunities were better and bigger and the people that I was going to meet were from all over the world. Like that, I could discover the world from different views but also gain educational and intellectual information. But this is exactly what is going to happened, just 2 years earlier. Everything started when I received information about the UWC scholarship program and I began to inform and document myself. I received at school a flyer with information about the application process and in the same day I started searching online as many things as I could find out about the opportunity that I had in front of me, about what life at a UWC College really means. That was the moment when I started thinking more serious about my future. And... Well… I remember the place, the time and every single detail about the moment when I received the acceptance email at UWC Adriatic College, Italy. It was, sincerely, a shock. I knew that since then, everything I was going to do was about to change, and my opportunities had grown incredibly, changing from that high school that I was in, into an amazing UWC College. I can’t wait to get involved in as many activities as I can, to learn the subjects I want and the ones that attract me the most and to start creating my future step by step. What I like most about UWC is that it gives me the opportunity to develop and discover myself not only academically but also socially. And the best part? I will be surrounded by people from 90 different countries. It everything went from a dream that was going to happen in two years, to a dream that takes place in one month.

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