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Andrei Oltei

23 July 2018

UWC Robert Bosch Germany 2018-2020

A few months ago, before school was over, I went for a walk - I was a bit nervous because a week had passed since my interview with the UWC representatives and the nominations should have been posted already. I waited hours and hours, trying to fill my mind with other things than the thought that I might be rejected. Finally - a notification. I open my phone email application and I see it loading. And it's loading, and loading. I can clearly see that the sender is UWC Romania, but the content refused to appear on my screen. I am bursting with anticipation! I call my brother and have him access my email account from a computer. He reads through the message and says: "You are on the list! It says here: UWC Robert Bosch, Germany". We both explode with joy! He throws at me a "Well done, bro! You owe me!". I call my parents, my friends. Did I expect this? No way. Was that what I wanted? Of course! Was I nervous? Well, yes, and it happened a few days later. Way nervous! 

I never imagined that my leaving home would happen so soon and soo sudden. It was then and it is now somehow unreal. You read about schools likes this one, you watch documentaries and see Facebook posts, but it is hard to see yourself as one of those smiling students portrayed in pictures, movies and commercial ads. Maybe in your dreams...Yes, dreams. 

All I can say is that what happened is a dream come true and it couldn't have been any better. It is extraordinary what one feels when they start a new life. A hard to describe feeling. I am now one month away from this tremendous journey. All I can say is that when I think about all the wonderful things that will happen, I let myself go and wait for them.